About Us

Garda Lake is our oasis: with its panorama, its mountains, its colors and its flavours. Here, when it’s possible, we love to spend our time caressed by lake breezes, kissed by the sun and surrounded by nature, both relaxed under an olive tree or engaged in adrenaline-filled activities. The love for this place has inspired the creation of a sustainable clothing brand, from an environmental and ethical point of view, and focused on it. We want to enhance and support this magnificent garden in the heart of Europe and we want to protect and promote it with all of those people who decide to wear our mission. The products we offer in our store are mainly made by companies with international certifications that ensure the use of organic materials, the adoption of eco-sustainable processes, ethical respect for workers and the working conditions in which they operate. Not only that, our products are shipped throughout Europe via climate neutral couriers.